'Good Boi' Mange Program

with Street Dog Kathmandu

"Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to a person. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not to die, so do other creatures" Dalai Lama XIV

Felt 'Good Boi' Pooch

Help Us Help Them

Like you, we love our four pawed (and hooved, winged, webbed, and finned) brothers and sisters!

Dogs in particular though, have a special place in our hearts due to our two gorgeous adopted pooches who we fell in love with in 2014 (Shiva) and 2017 (Tilly).

We have made it our mission to help the beautiful mange ridden, flea infested 'free spirits' that we see roaming the streets of Kathmandu whenever we visit.

Every time we sell one of our felt 'Good Boi's', we donate $10.00 toward the treatment of mange in Kathmandu street dogs through Street Dog Care Kathmandu.

Please read more about why mange is so debilitating and just how easy it is to treat in the post below. Thank you all so much for your support!


We donate $10.00 from the sale of each Good Boi toward the treatment of mange in Nepali street dogs.


We donate $10 from the sale of each 'Good Boi' toward mange treatment in Nepali street dogs

Surya Australia Ethical Cotton Clothing for men and women made in Nepal


  • Natural fibre 100% wool (from New Zealand)
  • Filled with recycled felt
  • Superior felting and stitching to ensure years of use
  • Ethically crafted in Nepal
  • Entirely handmade product
  • $10 from the sale of each pooch go toward purchasing medication to eradicate mange in street dogs. Gifted to Street Dog Care each time we visit.
  • Child safe - all features are stitched on, with no small parts
  • 2 styles; terrier or dalmatian
  • Measuring approx 10 cm (length) x 6 cm (height)

Meet our most popular small felt toy - our gorgeous felt puppy dogs. Each good boi has their own personality and it's quite a large one at that! They are calm and obedient, and love to cuddle next to you while you read a book or watch TV. They are also quite the show pony and enjoy posing on your favourite mantle.

Our felt toy dogs are a charity item. $10 from the sale of every dog goes toward treating street dogs in Kathmandu from the terrible mange that afflicts most pooches. Easy to eradicate, however very expensive so donations are needed. Read more about our Mange Program in Nepal >

Ethical trade benefits the entire community through the empowerment of cottage industry producers  ❤

"It's not enough to love animals; we must actively protect and preserve them. It's our duty and responsibility as custodians of this planet." - Daphne Sheldrick

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Deborah (Australia)
What A Good Boi

He's very cute guarding my books. They make great gifts as well as helping a good cause 💚

Chris Marsh (Australia)
Felt Puppy Dogs - Good Boi's Charity Toy

Cute small felted dog, great pressie for a dog lover and nice to know the funds go towards helping real dogs.

Deborah M.
Birthday Present

I bought this cute boi for my Daughters 43rd birthday and she loves it. She said it's very cute!


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