Tops, Jackets and Ponchos for Women

Browse our ethically made collection of flattering tops, dresses, jackets and ponchos for women. All our pieces are made in Nepal for us using exclusively all-natural fibres.

Womens Tops

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Rainbow Hoodie
Rainbow Hoodie
$79.95 AUD
Surya Australia Estelle Top - Teal
Estelle Top
$39.95 AUD
Surya Australia Addisson Top
Addison Embroidered Top
$29.95 AUD $49.95 AUD
Surya Australia Razor Cut Dress
Priya Tunic
$49.95 AUD
Surya Ethical Clothing Buddha Singlet Top
Buddha Singlet Top
$24.95 AUD
Surya Ethical Strapless Top with Eco Dyes
Everyday Strapless
$10.00 AUD $24.95 AUD