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Street Dogs in Boudhanath Stupa Kathmandu, Nepal
*This story has images that may disturb, but there is hope, as you will read.
For many years we have been visiting Kathmandu, and each time my heart breaks seeing the poor, mange ridden pooches that roam the streets. These dogs are homeless, but in Nepal (and lots of Asian countries) they are generally tolerated on the streets, and often times are even fed by their neighbours. The average household in Nepal doesn't have extra funds to treat the dogs for any ailments they may have though, so the dogs are left to exist in their current conditions. And more often than not, mange is prevalent in all of them until they are treated.
Street Dogs in kathmandu - Mange Afflicted
Mange is an insidious condition, and is caused by mites burrowing into and underneath the skin, and feeding on these materials. It causes intense itching, and the dog will lick and chew the area until they have lost all the hair surrounding the spot and the skin then blackens and gets thick and tough.
Eventually, these dogs look like they are beyond hope; hairless with sores and infected pustules all over their body. To me, it is one of the saddest things you will see when  travelling to Nepal.
Street Dog Care Kathmandu - Helping Street Dogs with Mange
In Western countries, mange is basically eradicated. All modern flea and tick medications now include treatment for mange, and it's a rare Western pooch that you'll see itching and scratching because of mange.
We have teamed up again with Street Dog Care in Kathmandu to help try and eradicate it in Nepal as well.
Below is the difference one dose of mange treatment does for these dogs! Yes, amazing.
Street Dog in Kathmandu - before and after treatment for mange
Most other dog medications are easy enough to get in Nepal, and most are actually cheaper that here in Australia. All except the chewable flea and tick medications (Nexgard, Bravecto etc..) These, you cannot get for any amount of money in Nepal, so we need to take it over with us when we go.
One tablet is called a treatment, and most dogs will recover fully after this and be immune to mange after that. One (chewable) tablet for Nepali street dogs weight costs AU $13.50 at the moment.
Healthy, mange free street dogs in Nepal after treatment
We are asking for help! We are donating $10 from every purchase of one of our Felt 'Good Boi' Dogs. Please help us to be able to take over as much medication as we can, to save as many pooches as possible from living with this debilitating disease.
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Felt Dalmation Toys from Nepal to help Street Dogs
We thank you all for your love and support, and will keep updating you with news on our Street Dogs.
Until next time,
Mel Xx
Surya Australia | Ethical Trade in Nepal

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