Surya Australia Ethical Clothing Fashion made in Nepal
This last trip in Nepal I was able to document the many processes of the making of our organic cotton clothing, and the beautiful skilled men and women making it. While I have visited the workspace prior, I find it challenging to take great images here due to the lighting in the space (it's always too bright for my limited photography skills). This time I went armed with a local photographer who captured everything quite brilliantly. Thanks Anuska!

There are a few different processes and work stations around the building, and we did our best to capture each one. Each worker remains in the one station, performing their particular job. There are many hands involved in the creation of our clothing!

Step 1 - Creating the pattern

Once the samples are perfect and the design is finalised, the pattern is cut onto cardboard sheets and stored for future orders. Each size and each individual section (arm lengths, torso area, etc) are cut on their own piece of cardboard, as when the fabric is being cut it makes it easier to use it all and avoid off-cut waste. Pattern making is a highly skilled position; if the pattern is incorrect, none of the steps below matter very much afterward.

Surya Australia Ethical Organic Cotton Clothing from Nepal

Step 2 - Cutting the pattern onto fabric

When an order has been placed the pattern cutter takes the cardboard pattern and aligns it onto the fabric to be used. Chalk (or pen on white fabric) is then used to outline each section and size onto the fabric. The fabric itself is placed in thick piles - each colour to be used will be cut at the same time.

Surya Australia Ethical Clow Fashion Clothing made in Nepal

Step 3 - Stitching the garment

The majority of our makers are the tailors who stitch our clothing together. This is of utmost importance to us, as when a garment is stitched correctly it lasts many, many years (one of the foundations of slow fashion). We are lucky to work with such amazing skilled men and women to create our superior quality clothing.

Surya Australia Ethical Clothing made in Nepal
Surya Australia Slow Fashion Ethical Clothing from Nepal

Step 4 - Quality control

This step is performed once the stitching of the items has been completed. These lovely ladies check that the sizes are correct by measuring against the pattern, ensure all stitching is within the fabric seams, cut away any loose cotton threads and check that the fabric is blemish free.

Surya Australia Ethical Organic Cotton Clothing made in Kathmandu Nepal

Step 5 - Tagging and bagging

This is the final step where the clothing is just about ready; tags are attached and the garments are placed in their style, size and colour group ready for packing and shipping.

Surya Australia Ethical Organic Cotton Clothing from Kathmandu Nepal

Bonus Step - Screen Printing

We visited our screen printers once again this trip ... this process never fails to fascinate and impress me! Our amazing printing team have absolute precision timing and HUGE skill. You really must see it to understand how fast they go, and with zero error no less.

Surya Australia Ethical Organic cotton clothing screen printed in Nepal
Surya Australia Ethical Organic cotton clothing printed in Nepal
Surya Australia Ethical Organic cotton clothing printed in Kathmandu Nepal
Surya Australia Ethical Organic cotton clothing hand printed in Nepal
We were having one small section of our organic cotton fabric printed to be used in a sample we had asked to be created. Coming soon!

Thank you Anuska, your images are fantabulous.

Surya Australia Ethical Organic Cotton Clothing production in Nepal
Thanks so much for reading and also caring about slow fashion and how it's produced.
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Until next time,

Mel Xx

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