Behind the Scenes with SURYA


Rescued and Retired 'Brick Industry' Donkeys Living the Good Life in Nepal 0

The Donkey Sanctuary Nepal

It was a day of polarizing emotions the day we went to The Donkey Sanctuary just outside of Kathmandu this June. Animal Nepal (in partnership with Animal Aid Abroad Australia) have rented some land, and are rescuing (and retiring) some of the hardest hit animals working in the brick industries in Nepal.

The World's Friendliest Festival for Dogs 0

Kukur Tihar in Nepal

In Nepal, the festival of Tihar (or, Deepawali) is a 5 day long festival held around October/November each year to celebrate the divine attachment humas have with certain animals. As part of the festivities, thanks are given to an animal on a particular day, and man's best friends are given day number 2 - known locally as Kukur Tihar.

New Sustainable Treeless Paper Products 0

 New Sustainable Treeless Paper products from Nepal

We have recently introduced some exclusive new treeless paper products to our collection; our gorgeous artisan produced batik paper sheets, Lokta paper twine (which I'd been searching for so long), new wonderful hard cover diaries and our stunning new buffalo leather and lokta paper journals.

Our Latest (Film) Adventure in Nepal 0

Surya Australia Video in Nepal

Finding myself in Kathmandu with too much time on my hands this trip, I decided to give a project that I'd wanted to try for ages a little go. The aim was to produce a short video showcasing each step in the creation of our clothing. While it's lovely to promote photographs of our makers, it doesn't always show how things are done.

The Real Cost of the Border Blockade in Nepal 1

The Real Cost of the Border Blockade in Nepal

5 months after the devastating earthquake hit Nepal killing some 8000 people, the crippling blockade which would cause fuel, gas and medical supply shortages began. There are many conflicting opinions as to who is causing it and why, but one fact remains solid enough - the Nepali people cannot go on like this for much longer.

Our Eco Plant Based Dyes in Nepal 0

Surya Natural Dye Hemp Throws from Nepal

I was blessed to be able to travel to the village of a true master of natural dying techniques recently in Nepal. A couple of hours drive outside of Kathmandu lies the mecca for plant based colour enthusiasts ...

Surya Ethical Clothing Out and About 1

Surya Customers Out and About

Our definition of beauty in the Western world has so many rules, it leaves no room for those of us that fall outside these standards - men and women both. Living in an age that places more importance on ...

Our First Store Open in Milton, NSW! 3

Our First Store in Milton NSW

The dream of a warm, auspicious space in which to finally set up our 'permanent market stall' has come to fruition with the signing of a lease in Milton, NSW. Having had the idea for at least 3 years now, we tossed and ...