SURYA Turned 15 - Happy Birthday To Us!

15 years ago this month we were setting up our market stall for the very first time. Every year it seems that we remember too late and the anniversary passes us right by, but this year we decided to plan early for a little big birthday party and celebrate this milestone.

We gathered together some of our favourite people, and had what we called "Surya's 15th Birthday Party and Awesome Mini Photo Shoot" at the end of Winter here at our home base in Jervis Bay.

I'd wanted this particular shot (above) in my mind for months leading up to the event, but in the end it was the only decent photo we got with the balloons, as someone (hello Phil) accidentally popped one before Chris had even taken a single photo! (If you look closely you'll see Yo pinching his balloon closed so we could at least get one shot ... the rest of us were too scared to move!).

It was hilarious, and set the scene for a fabulous super fun day full of laughter!

We made the most of the stunning Winter sunshine, although some of us forgot we were supposed to be 'modelling'. Good on ya boys!

Poor Phil though, it seemed that no one could forgive the balloon incident, and he got a little roughed up!

Once we'd worn the kids out, it was time to head back to the house for some well deserved lunch. We had a little garden party and asked our favourite Jervis Bay Grazing to set up one of their AMAZING grazing tables.

We'd hired a tandem bike just to see what happened, and it didn't disappoint! Some of us were amazing at it first go, others tried really hard, two of us didn't have a single care in the world, while someone (yes, you Michelle) almost crashed us (me) into a parked van.

After we ate, drank and be'd merry, it was back to the grind ... we all changed outfits and earned our keep by shooting some catalogue images!

Everyone was keen to get the real party started then, so off we trotted to the final destination of the day - Husky wharf for one last group shot before heading to Jervis Bay Brewery for drinks, dinner and to watch the final in the womens World Cup soccer.

It was the perfect end to a great day filled with friends, great food, lots of laughs and stunning Winter sunshine.

Thank you Surya ☀️ for the past 15 years of such amazing experiences, for the beautiful people we've met, for giving us our house and providing for us all these years, and of course for 15 years worth of warm sunshine-y love and joy 💛

And here's to another little big 15 years 🥂

All sandals used in the shoot kindly provided by Soul Sandals Boots - thanks so much Alex + Michelle!


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