Traditional Tibetan Chuba Dress in Kathmandu

We recently included a design in our Winter 2021 collection that was inspired by the many beautiful Tibetan women we see in Kathmandu, in and around the ancient Tibetan temple of Boudhanath Stupa in particular.

The traditional Tibetan dress we took our inspiration from is called the Chuba, and is a very long cross over dress that is tied at the waist, more or less. There are many variations on this dress depending on the region lived in, occupation, social position and sex. Although both men and women wear this dress in Tibet, they do wear slightly different styles.

Traditionally, this hugely adaptable dress is worn by most sectors of society in Tibet; farmers / villagers, nomads, town and city folk.

The particular style we have fashioned our Tibetan Wrap Dress from is a version of the sleeveless chuba most Tibetan women wear in Kathmandu today.
You can see why this style dress has persisted throughout its many years due to it's versatility.

It's also pretty practical. And well, it looks quite beautiful as well.

Traditional Tibetan Chuba Dress

While the chuba is worn throughout Tibet by both men and women, the fabric it is made from will vary; generally Nomadic peoples wear their chubas made from sheepskins or leather due to the cold. Most others wear theirs made from woven wool. Special occasion chubas (such as weddings or ceremonies) can be made from silk brocade, and often include otter fur trim.

Nomadic Tibetan Chuba Dress

While our take is (obviously) quite different to the traditional Nomadic style of Tibetan chuba, you will definitely recognise the cross over style, the floor length and the tie at the waist. We have designed ours so you can fold the fabric over at the front or the rear, and also tie it at either the front or the rear, giving three very different looks.

Surya Tibetan Chuba Dress from Nepal

The first style has been crossed over at the front, and tied at the back. The second has been crossed over at the back, wrapped around and tied at the front, and the third has been crossed over at the back and tied at the back.

Surya Tibetan Chuba Wrap Dress from Nepal

Our Tibetan Dress is a flattering piece that you can add layers to, both under and over. The ample, medium weight cotton fabric means it is warmer to wear than most of our other dress styles, and the fact that it is a false wrap dress means that it's safe - no accidental unraveling when you weren't expecting it!

Ours also features two side pockets to store all your bits and pieces in, or warm up the hands.

Surya Australia Ethically Made Tibetan Chuba Dress from Nepal

We hope you enjoy the different ways you can wear this dress, and we'd love to see how you wear it!


Until next time,
Mel Xx

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