Surya Australia Ethical Cashmere from Nepal

We are proud to be working with a social enterprise in Nepal who train visual and hearing impaired men and women to weave the most divine cashmere scarves, shawls, throws and blankets.

We visited their work space last Winter, and witnessed first hand the fantastic work they are doing to improve the lives of such disadvantaged members of society in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Surya Australia Ethical Cashmere Weaving in Nepal

Teaching such valuable skills to disadvantaged people who otherwise would be totally reliant on family members for survival, ensures they have a means of making money and are responsible - at least partly - for their well being. This instills pride and self esteem in the individual and drives empowerment for the collective.

Surya Australia Ethical Cashmere Blanket from Nepal

The pieces crafted are nothing short of spectacular. Silky soft to the touch and ultra warm and cosy for the most delicious of Winter snuggles. We lovingly stock their cashmere blankets in two tones at the moment; kohl and beige.

Surya Australia Ethical Csshmere Throw Scarf from Nepal

These trans seasonal lightweight cashmere and cotton blend throws are sustainably coloured using low impact dyes. They can be worn as either a scarf or a shawl, and are available in 4 tones; oatmeal, caramel, charcoal, and dawn frost.

Surya Australia Cashmere Ponchos from Nepal

We offer many different types of cashmere ponchos for sale as well, all handcrafted by visual and hearing impaired men and women.

Thank you for allowing us to trade with social enterprises such as this.
Thank you for becoming a part of our / their story.
Until next time,
Surya Australia - Committed to Ethical Trade with Nepal