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Our definition of beauty in the Western world has so many rules, it leaves no room for those of us that fall outside these standards - men and women both. Living in an age that places more importance on; how you look rather than on how you feel; on how many Facebook friends you have rather than real friends that you see all the time; and on how many likes instead of smiles you get, it's hard to know what's important sometimes.

... and well, sometimes it's not. We've met so many amazing people on our travels to our markets and festivals ... all original, all authentic, all vulnerable, all beautiful. We're proud to highlight these people that we meet with real smiles, with whom we have real connections, and who are perfectly 'imperfect'.

(Please note >> you can click on the images to view what they are wearing in the website)

Surya Ali Baba Overalls   

 Surya Ethical Clothing Ali Baba Pants

A very big thank you to all our beautiful customers - we know who you are.
Until next time,
Mel X

Surya Ethical Trade with Nepal

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  • Michele

    Wonderful to see different abilities, and generations wearing your clothes and accessories. I look forward to my first online purchase.

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