All our pieces are crafted using low impact dyes. While this is wonderful for our planet (and our bodies), it does mean a little extra care is required to keep your garment in A1 condition, which ultimately means longer lasting.

WASH: Separately for the first 1 - 2 times. You will see a little colour bleeding out in these earlier washes, so take care to avoid washing with lighter pieces. No need to add salt - all our pieces have been pre-washed in hot water already. The mordants in low impact dyes are not as chemically rich as regular dyes though, so they don't 'fix' the same way.

DRY: In the shade always. Our low impact dyes will fade much faster if left in the sun.

DO NOT: Wash in hot water - this will ensure the colour bleeds much more than it should, and your piece will fade faster.


Our wool beanies, ponchos, arm warmers and other wool accessories are a delicate handwash wash only. Spot clean using mild soapy water when needed.

If you choose to wash your wool pieces in the machine, please be very, very careful! Please know how your machine processes wool washing prior, and if unsure then handwash only to avoid potential felting of the wool if the cycle is too harsh.

Dry all wool and cashmere items flat in the shade.

Store your wool and cashmere items folded up, not on a hanger.