When we first traveled through Nepal in 2008, we LOVED all the little tiny stools in the shops! It was common to begin chatting with a shop owner, and quickly ushered to a cute little chair tucked away out of sight only to be whipped out from behind a counter when the occasion demanded. 

We brought back 4 of these stools for our own personal use when we returned to Australia. Unfortunately only 2 made into the country after a lengthy customs 'inspection' (yes, Australian customs officials do occasionally take advantage of their position!). Absolutely amazing and completely practical, the 'Muddah' is made from Bamboo sides, recycled bike tyres on the bottom, and strong colourful nylon on the top.

We now sell the Muddah at markets and other events we attend, and of course they are picked up and studied, laughed at, rolled across the ground, but always purchased in the end :) We had a customers son once check it out, and say to his mother, 'Mum, don't buy it - that's just an old bike tyre!'

The ultimate in ingenuous stylish design, local fibre and labour use, sustainability, and recycling :)

Until next time,
Mel Xx

Surya Australia - Committed to Ethical Trade in Nepal