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Felt Balls Bring Happiness

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Surya Australia Felt Ball Rug

Our range of felt ball coasters, felt ball trivets and felt ball rugs seem to make people happy! We just love watching our customers eyes light up when they spot one of our gorgeous ball pieces, and the huge smile that comes across their face. And we agree - they are SIMPLY amazing!
Surya Felt Ball Rug
There is something magical about the pop of the multicoloured little balls all jostled up against each other looking like a giant chocolate freckle in our felt Ball rug (above). Perhaps it is the pure eye shocking colour that people are drawn to - as adults, we aren't often exposed to the child-like emotion of wonder due to something as simple as lots of colours together. Perhaps this is why they are often called pompom rugs ... reminiscent of our childhoods spent creating colourful wonders.
                                                          Felt Ball Centrepiece
And surprisingly, they don't just look brilliant -  they actually have a purpose! Our felt ball centrepieces (above) look fantastic on a coffee or dining table with a little vase placed in the centre. They can also be used as placemats to provide that talking point your guests will remember. They are available in 'freckle' or 'stone'.
                              Felt Ball Trivets 
Our felt ball trivets (hot food pads) above are an affordable piece to pop your kettle or teapot on, to enjoy more of that texture and colour in your kitchen. The lanolin in the wool used is a natural water repellant, and any spills simply form droplets and roll off. After a quick pat down to soak up any extra water, your trivet is clean, no problems. The colour does not run!
You can complete your range with our felt ball coasters, available in 4 styles - round, square, spiral and stone (coming soon). Again, the colour will not run with spills once you pat dry, and the wool repels water in general. These are the ultimate in fun, functional little pieces for the home.  

Felt workshop in Nepal

All our felt items (our felt ball range included) are handmade in Nepal using Australian and New Zealand wool. Our makers are mothers, sisters and daughters employed by womens skills groups in Nepal. All of our makers are earning extra much needed income to help support their families and provide education and healthcare for their children. We have visited the workshop of our makers and met all the women who make our pieces. We spent the day with them the last time we were in Nepal, and were absolutely impressed by the skill involved and the quality of the items.
Simply amazing!

Until next time,
Mel X

Surya Ethical Trade with Nepal

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  • Wayne: January 16, 2015

    Hi there, do you wholesale to Perth Western Australia? Can I know your wholesale price as well as the minimum order required? If u have a catalouge or list of all ur products with prices, can u please send it to me? Thank u!

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