Wow, can't believe it's only April! So much has happened this year it feels like Chrissy was a lifetime ago ... and now with festivals already booked up until October (!), it looks like another flash that we like to call a year will come and go. But that's OK ... looks like we will be spending lots of quality time at home when we're not travelling around the countryside, as we just bought our first house! A very exciting time for us, as all first home buyers! And of course now the fun starts - I am absolutely relishing the thought of planning my garden! It's great to have rented for so long and practiced on other people houses, as I know exactly what to do (and grow) now.

We fell in love again with our region this Summer, and really took advantage of the Jervis Bay life during the past couple of months of great weather. Which pretty much means hitting the beaches, walking in the National park and strolling hand in hand down the street in Husky after devouring a delicious brekky at our favourite cafe. We are always lucky enough to be away during the peak of the tourist season, and believe me, you haven't seen a tourist season until you've tried to get a park at our local shopping center during January. So it works well!

On the work front we have been pretty much non stop since Christmas, heading to lots of different festivals and towns, been to QLD, Vic twice and of course everywhere in between. We were lucky enough to have Xavier Rudd come shopping in our stall at Port Fairy Folk Festival, and it is so amazing to be able to meet and talk to people like this! I have every CD (yes, actual CDs!) of his since 2003, so it was a pretty big deal for me! Unluckily for Yo, he was on a break at the time so he missed out ...

Surya Australia with Xavier Rudd at Port Fairy Folk Festival

We will be going back to Nepal in a few weeks, it's time to touch base again and ready some new designs for the stall. We will also be beginning our working relationship with a new trading country at the same time, so watch this space! Creation is beginning to flow again after the head down bum up Summer ... bliss!

As great as it is to move around so much, we're looking forward to the next few months of peace and quiet. Local markets, early nights and lots of family time. We just bought a fancy new camera, so I cannot wait to get absorbed into the learning of how to take good pictures, perhaps in the National park. What a great feeling this is!

Create your own luck!

Until next time,
Mel Xx

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