Giving Back To Nepal


Surya Australia Aid Projects in Nepal

Over the past 10 years we have supported many varied aid projects in Nepal. The welfare of those unable to voice for themselves are close to our hearts - in particular children and animals. We are proud to support the following not for profit groups both in Nepal and Australia.

The Asha Foundation Australia

Having a 10 year relationship (and serving on the committee for 5 of those) with this wonderful not-for-profit organization, we are so proud of the tireless volunteers affecting so much change in Nepal from the little old South Coast of NSW. 

The Asha Foundation has a few different projects, all of which are changing the lives of rural and disadvantaged Nepali men, women and children:

  • FEMININE HYGIENE KITS: In rural Nepal teenage girls have no access to sanitary pads due to the cost involved. In 2016 The Asha Foundation partnered with Days 4 Girls Australia - a volunteer organisation who makes reusable sanitary kits. Together they created 160 kits which committee members personally delivered the kits to the villages in 2016. A further 200 kits were fund raised, and now the women in the villages are able to make them themselves, ensuring an ongoing supply.
  • THE GOOD OIL PROJECT: To encourage village families to send their children (girls in particular) to school more regularly, Asha initiated a program to provide free cooking oil to families in need. The families are provided the oil for free, thereby allowing school books and uniforms to be purchased without sacrificing food on the table at night.
  • THE ORPHANAGE: The Asha Foundation financially run a home for disadvantaged and orphaned children. Each donated cent goes into food, housing, education, and health care for over 30 children (now young adults). College is the next step for many of the children who have lived in the shelter their whole lives. 

Street Dog Care Kathmandu


The team at Street Dog Kathmandu care for some of the 25 000 stray dogs in the Kathmandu Valley. They vaccinate against rabies, spay them, treat the terrible mange that afflicts a great percentage of them and do general worming and flea control. We donate each month to this tireless group of dedicated people.

They set up camp every Saturday morning in Boudha Stupa, where you can bring in your street dog (if you can get them in the taxi) and they receive the once over by the team. They also have a rescue home for more serious ailments to receive treatment. Once the pooch is better they try and find them a home, eensuring they won't be on the streets anymore. 

This particular not for profit organization is close to our heart, having 2 gorgeous rescue pooches ourselves.

Street Dog kathmandu

3 Angels Nepal

3 Angels Nepal are dedicated to stop human trafficking from Nepal into India. Every day more than 54 women and children are trafficked out of Nepal and into India to enter a life of slavery. Every single day.

"If 54 children went missing in one day in a country such as Australia, America or Britain, there would be an outcry, but these girls are different. They are the lost girls of Nepal." ... Belinda Bow, 3 Angels Nepal

To date, 3 Angels Nepal have stopped 33 500 from people being abducted out of Nepal. (December 2017)

The team at 3 Angels Nepal work relentlessly to educate villagers in remote Nepali communities about the dangers and warning signals of traffickers, in the hope to eradicate this devastating practice.

We donate each month to this not-for-profit organization, and know that we are helping them to make a real difference.


 Animal Aid Abroad Australia

The amazing team at Animal Aid Abroad Australia support working animals around the globe. In Nepal they focus their attention on the donkeys working in and around the brick kilns - previously overworked and left with no medical treatment. When Animal Aid Abroad got involved they began changing the attitudes of the donkeys owners towards these gorgeous creatures, to huge success. Read their story here >

We were fortunate enough in 2016 to visit Animal Nepal's donkey sanctuary, supported by Animal Aid Abroad. We transported a donated microscope from Sydney to Kathmandu (much larger and more fragile than we anticipated!) and spent the day with the animals and staff in the sanctuary. Read more about our day here >

The Donkey Sanctuary Nepal

Surya Australia Ethical Trade with Nepal - Responsibility

By trading exclusively with cottage industry producers, we are helping families to earn year round income, which aids the entire community by providing much needed economic growth. All of our trading partners support the men and women in their employ which ensures the cycle of poverty has an opportunity to be broken.

We have a no bartering policy with all of our long term producers when in Nepal. This is important to us, as it ensures that our partners are receiving a fair price and a living wage. When the artisans set the price, a step forward has been taken toward increasing living standards and ultimately financial independence.

We use local Nepali grown fibres and fabrics wherever possible, which directly provides an income for the farmers of these materials as well as promoting sustainable practices.

Surya Australia Ethical Trade with Nepal - Responsibility

We are a member of Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand, our local Fair Trade network. They do fantastic work in bringing the rights of marginalised workers in developing countries to the spotlight, and encourage all traders to work within their framework. Visit our blog to read more about what Fair Trade is all about.

Ethical trade benefits the entire community through empowerment of cottage industry artisans.

Surya: Committed to Ethical Trade