Environment Policy

We are aware of the importance to put environmental practices in place whether it be at home or work, and we do this in lots of different ways...
  • With an international business there are lots of flights involved - each time we get on a plane, or our shipment gets on a plane, we choose to pay the extra to ensure our journey is carbon neutral.   
  • We use reusable paper bags in all our packaging. We have our bags made in Nepal using the traditional 'Lokta' paper from the high altitudes in the Himalayas.
  • We issue electronic invoices, and choose wherever possible to receive electronic invoices.
  • When sourcing fabrics for our designs in Nepal, we choose locally made wherever possible. Often we are able to choose not only locally made fabric, but also locally grown and harvested fibre, such as hemp, stinging nettle and lokta paper. All of these fibres do not need much water to thrive, and replenish the ground during the growing process.
  • We use environmentally friendly azo-free dyes in our clothing range. Azo dyes are incredibly toxic to both the human body and the environment, and are in fact banned in the entire European Union. We hope the Australian government will follow suit and make these dangerous synthetic dyes illegal, as they are commonplace in the Australian textile and manufacturing industry at the moment.

All the HEMP and NETTLE used in our pieces is:

Grown in villages in Western Nepal
Powered Naturally by the Sun and the Rain
Replenishing the ground AS IT GROWS
Harvested by hand - no power tools
Spun by hand - no power tools
Transported to Kathmandu partly by FOOT
Dyed by hand using vegetable dyes
Created into our lovely pieces by hand
Bought to Australia with a no carbon debt