Overalls, Coveralls, Dungarees and the dreaded 'Onesie' Throughout History

Overalls have been around since the 1700's, according to Wikipedia! I was surprised at first, as they seem like a bit of a new fashion concept - typically made of denim they seem like an extension of the relatively modern pair of jeans. Turns out (and of course!) they were originally made for clothing protection whilst working in the 'dirty' arena. 

It seems somewhere in the 1940s, although still worn mainly for working, the images start changing. The photos from this era are predominately of men working in the field, but it seems the fashionistas of this era wanted to claim the uniform as womenswear as well, and proud of it!


The changing times in the 60's and 70's saw young celebrities donning overalls, almost in an atmosphere of resistance. Musicians such as Cher and Eric Clapton (both below) made their individual statements with overalls in the public arena. Perhaps the first time they had been worn solely for fashion purposes, the overall was here forever!


Around this time also was when most of the changes occurred; both fabric and design were altered, sleeves were lengthened, bottoms were shortened, cotton and other fabrics were introduced, and there was no longer anything that resembled work in the outfit. It has since been a (highly disputed) staple of any wardrobe; whether it's long, short, denim, cotton, pants, a skirt or any other variable in between, it's here ... it's back ... it will always be here ... love it!

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